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POS software India

Keeping your individual needs and requirements in view, choose the most suitable restaurant POS software India that you can find. For mid-sized or small-sized restaurants, a simple restaurant software is sufficient. All restaurant management systems come fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology for integrating all the processes into a cohesive whole.

Best POS software

As the owner, you would do well to take some time to select the best POS software for pc.

Restaurant Point of Sale or RPOS management software is generally available in two broad formats – desktop-based or cloud-based.

POS Terminal

While the desktop-based option, using a somewhat bulkier kind of a POS terminal is better where budget is a constraint the cloud-based software is more user-friendly as it makes use of an iPad as a POS terminal.

Cinque Terre

Restaurant POS Software India

With the use of a reputed and established restaurant POS software India, you can easily turn your restaurant into a flourishing success. The main features of even a simple restaurant software can be enumerated as :-

  • Ability to choose from between the different modes of ordering, that is, Dine-In, Take Away or Delivery.
  • Easy tracking of orders in real-time.
  • Efficient Kitchen Display System (KDS) that flashes all orders straightaway to the screens installed in the kitchen, thereby greatly saving           on the time taken for the bearers to physically intimate the orders to the chefs waiting in the kitchen.
  • Simplified and smooth billing process, with the added facility of adding or removing any items mid-way during the meal, along with the           facility of bill-splitting, as well as different payment options of cash, debit/credit card, cheque, loyalty/reward points.
  • Management of stocks and inventory, with real-time inventory
  • Reports and alerts on mobile app