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What is ERP Restro POS and why it is important?

Every restaurant either big or small will have many day-to-day cash and credit transactions. A big restaurant employees a large number of people on the front and back end. The front staff employees deal with attending guests, serving their orders and looking after the maintenance of the restaurant. On the other hand, the employees serving in the restaurant are chefs, keepers, etc. who are involved in cooking and maintenance of the kitchen. For ultimate customer service, it is important to have good coordination among the different staff members. Having a restaurant POS will reduce the communication gap and result in coordination

ERP Restro is a one-hand solution for the management of the restaurant. The point of sale machine is designed to meet various business requirements that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The restaurant management system of ERP Restro streamlines the transactions, builds communication, records all sales, accepts cash and credit payments, tracks employees timings, and much more.

Importance of ERP Restro for your restaurant:

Widen your customer scope:

If you are accepting only cash transactions, then you are missing a large potential market of credit customers. ERP Restro enables secure cash and credit transactions and keeps the track of both. It transfers the amount daily under secure transaction to the bank.

Records every transaction:

The POS system record and maintain every small transaction of credit or cash. This will reduce the scope of theft and ignorance. You can check the data as and when required to ensure accuracy of the transactions.

Prevent order errors:

ERP Restro will generate and sends a computerized communication to the kitchen table. This will reduce the communication errors and the kitchen staff can perform efficiently. Overall, the productivity and customer service improves.

Track Inventory:

A typical restaurant's kitchen requires a lot of ingredients which are difficult to track manually. Our ERP Resto system will help in maintaining automated tracking of the resources. This will reduce the complexity of over purchasing and wastage of resources.

Tracks human data:

The ERP Restro records the employees shift timings accurately which will be a ready data to the HR at the time of salary distribution.


The ERP Restro POS is an exclusively developed Point Of Sale system to streamline the restaurant business activities. It will enhance the efficiency and increase the productivity of your business. To know about our ERP Restro product visit our website: